Shifting Market

Real Estate

When considering selling your Home Its important to know your local & global Market including Employment increases and decreases as It enables a seller to place themselves correctly in their local market, and depending on each homeowners situation, Time is Money$. Recent data for all of Metro Atlanta has shown a 12% increase in listings and in this it includes New construction since August of 2015. Home Sales are normally directed to an economy's health and the rise and fall within economy activity. Our Absorption rate for North Fulton is at 3.2 months of inventory, Meaning it reflects an estimate of the amount of time all current listings can expect to be sold in a given area if no new listings become available. 0-4 months of inventory is considered a seller's market and 5-8 months is considered a balanced market. and 9 months or more is considered a buyer's market. The Spring market is expected to bring an increase of home availability.. As a seller where do you want to place yourself? Even though our rates remain low with our low supply still Many factors influence the sale of a home, location,condition and price, too many would be buyers are on the sidelines...

We always welcome opportunities to discuss with homeowners their position in our current market.

Olsen Team